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    Forum Rules

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    Topik Forum Rules

    Post by kemhekpro on Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:53 am

    In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

    -All posts must be written in Language Indonesian & English.
    -Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
    -Use common sense when posting
    -Avoid using foul language and insults
    -Respect the other member
    -Prohibited from using words that could provoke trouble
    -Prohibited from posting pictures or anything related to pornography reply
    -About violations in the forum will be warned in 2 times, if not in gubris warning will be acted upon sanctions (Baned)
    -About giving reputation plead with good reason that republicanism plus or minus ga let misunderstandings occur as well-found
    -Do not bring personal issues into the forum did not let the other member such as fishing rules no.4
    -In his effort to be best for you not spamming (posting wrote a smile or less than 3 words)
    -All kinds of promotion and referral search using the forum post, private message, or other features of the forum is not allowed
    -There is nothing insulting and abusive things are allowed in reply avatars and signatures
    -for new postings in accordance topic thread expect to be in post with content that is not through with his post route, not justifiable to post a thread topic that is not in accordance with the contents of this post will give a warning at 2x what if the crew would break acts as point no. # 6.
    -Signature. Do not use more than one banner. Do not make hyperbolic signature and disturbing. Height (Height) maximum signature is 200px. Not allowed to use any audio or video. Web or to promote any product in the signature will be given a warning.! Moderators have the right to change or delete the signature does not match the provisions reply
    -Not to smile pic post in shoutbox surpass 3 pic, and do not spam in the shoutbox in the event of your ID we banned
    Have phun! Very Happy


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